During the development of Super Stems I’ve had to deal with chain reaction. I started a battle with one tile, and if they win, the captured tile would start a battle, and this would happen recursively. For some reason, I have this battle method call on a different thread, in Unity’s terms, a Coroutine.

Now comes the question. How do I handle recursion with Coroutines? After looking around the doc and experimenting, I found a solution.

Here’s a sample code on how to make it work.

public void StartBattle( )

public IEnumerator BattleRecursive( int depth )
	// Start Coroutine"
	yield return new WaitForSeconds(2f);

	if( depth == 0 )
		yield return StartCoroutine( BattleRecursive(depth+1) );

	if( depth == 1 )
		yield return StartCoroutine( BattleRecursive(depth+1) );
	Debug.Log( "MyCoroutine is now finished at depth " + depth );

After calling the entry point to your recursive method StartBattle, inside, you have yield return a new Coroutine call to the recursive method. This way, the execution order will be correct. Try it out and see for yourself.

Output should be.

MyCoroutine is now finished at depth 2
MyCoroutine is now finished at depth 1
MyCoroutine is now finished at depth 0