Hi! I’m Michael Adaixo, I’m a game programmer. This is a space where I write about game development, programming in general, computer graphics, and any other topic I deem interesting.

I once won awards for making robot-shopping-carts follow you using a Microsoft Kinect and Motorized Wheels. Working on image recognition and PID controllers, among other things.

I have experience in C++, C#, HLSL and swift languages. Most of my time is spent working in C# with Unity. I’m proficient with Unity and am learning Unreal Engine at full speed. I’ve released 3 mobile games at SkyBelow Studios.

I believe anyone can become or do anything, given time, motivation and passion. This is why I never stop learning and am always trying to solve challenging problems.

Check out my projects here.

Books I like:

  • Essential C# 6.0 – Mark Michaelis
  • Code Complete 2 – Steve McConnell
  • The Design of Everyday Things – Donald A. Norman
  • Game Programming Patterns – Robert Nystrom
  • Theory of Fun for Game Design – Raph Koster
  • Game Engine Architecture – Jason Gregory
  • Game Coding Complete, Fourth Ed. – Mike McShaffry
  • Programming Game AI by Example – Mat Buckland
  • Effective C++ Third Ed. – Scott Meyers
  • More Effective C++ – Scott Meyers
  • AI for Games, Third ed. - Ian Millington
  • C++ Concurrency in Action - Anthony Williams

Udemy Courses Completed:

  • Unreal Engine 4 Mastery: Create Multiplayer Games
  • Learn Advanced C++ Programming
  • Learn Advanced Game Mechanics in Unity
  • The Unreal Engine Developer Course

PluralSight Courses Completed [Public Profile]

  • WCF Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Async and Parallel Programming in .NET4
  • .NET Reflector by Example
  • C#5 New Features
  • C# Interfaces, C#Events, Delegates and Lambdas
  • Async and Parallel Programming: Application Design
  • Creating AI with Behavior States in Unreal Engine