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New MikeaDev


This is the new MikeaDev look and feel, welcome in! I’ve been outside of the blog-sphere for a while now, mostly because I was busy with life and work. Not that this has changed, eck no, I’ve got more things to do now with the same amount of time than I can count! Namely, since my last post in 2019, I’ve got a dog, got married, have a daughter. Impressive, I know.

So I’ll be bringing back some content here, old to start, and new as time permits. I’ve got a few projects lined up and notes I want to take while working on them, and this is the best place to place my thoughts.

With that said, if you like posts about games, technology, programming, unreal engine, and other random bits and bobs that come to mind, stay tunned!

PS: Apologies for the white background. I know. I’ll change this eventually. Fixed it! Yay