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A game made for Ludum Dare #38 in 72 hours. Theme: A Small World

”Mike, I advise you to not get close to that…” “Why? Looks harmless to me… Woooooaaahhhh… It’s pulling us in!! Hang on!! I’m… trying to.. not.. craaaaaash!!”

KABOOM Beep, Boop

”Mike? Mike!?? Can you hear me? I know I can definitely talk to you, I can sense you on my radar. Please wake up and find me!”

And so Mike journey’s began! Its objective, try to find what the hell caused him to crash-land on this filthy planet, recover its ship and Core AI, so he can go home.


  • 3D, Animation by Marco Vale
  • Design, Development by Michael Adaixo
  • Music “Controlled Chaos - no percussion” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)