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Flow Pilot


FlowPilot is an Unreal Engine code plugin that allows simple, modular and extensible gameplay flow. Using a data driven approach and with a custom editor, you can create fast gameplay flow, scripted sequences, interactive object.

All without the clutter that can sometimes happen when dealing with Blueprints. FlowPilot uses Tasks which are re-usable modules that run logic code. These can be created in Cpp and in Blueprint.


  • Simple Modules FlowPilotTask can be created in Blueprint and C++
  • FlowPilotComponent controls FlowPilot Execution and is fully exposed to Blueprint.
  • Re-usability at its core with modular data-driven approach
  • Re-use identical flows by grouping them into another FlowPilot Asset
  • Easily find actors in the level, or at runtime via GameplayTags
  • Prefetch and caching handled by FlowPilotSystemComponent
  • Debugging Tools: CPU Profiling in code, Visual Logs, and ScopedCycles to stay on top of Performance
  • Easy editing with a custom FlowPilot editor
  • Pre-built list of FlowPilotTasks include: Sequences, Selectors, Parallel, Loop, Delay, Spawn, FlowPilotExecution, and more.



FlowPilot Documentation is an on-going process in the making. For now the best source of information is discord and the official github public repo Wiki Page


Need help? The best place to get some help is on Discord, where you can meet fellow devs who help each other out. You can request features and raise issues there too.

Alternatively, you can drop me an email [michael.adaixo@gmail.com] or contact me on Twitter/X